Cloned Criminals from Planet Pandilla
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What is Pandilla? Planet Pandilla is the planet where all criminals were sent for centuries from Planet Earth. After years have passed this corrupt colony was able to organize well and became the largest gang of the universe. They started to look for vengeance in short time.

What is a Clan for Pandillan’s? After years of losing too many members in plunder campaigns, they started to clone themselves as soldiers. They named each manufactured group a clan, instead of an army.

How does Pandilla an NFT? At that time the technology they stole was either faulty or they did not have the knowhow to run it properly. Since the first cloned clan was useless for them, they decided to distribute their own kind to some fans and attract more supporters from all over the universe to join them. A Total of 9999 NFT’s will be ready on Etherium. Part-1 including 3333 clones are now ready to mint. Pre-sale date will be announced

Evil Project is Now an NFT Project

The Cloning of new Clan

Pandillan’s use an ancient cloning technique and mix all the DNA of famous criminals to reach the ultimate criminal. Altough they were misleaded with the documentations.

This is a “human eye visible” example of a cloning process:

When will new 1st Clan be ready? Pandilla Part-1, 3333 uniq NFT’s is now ready and delivered to Earth. (Etherium)

Public-sale date will be announced. Part-2 will follow. Follow us and register on discord. We begin with 333 Free clones on 1st of May 2023.

What Will Happen and When?

44-83-122 (Somewhere near Jan 2022) The Day Cloning Executed
The Cloning process began on month 44 day 83 of year 122 at Pandilla. There was big hope though the first sample was a disappointment. Pandillans decided they can not use this batch for their purpose. However, someone came up with a brilliant idea to use all as an NFT. So they did not stop the process.
On The Way to Earth
Because of the long winter in the gateways, the delivery has been on hold for a while. When the winter is over, the first group of clones are on the way to earth.
Pandilla Part-I Landed
We are glad to announce that the first Group of clones has successfully landed on earth. The 1st group of clones are delivered to +he StandaArt labs. +the Standart labs will allocate all the clones to the decentralised space for futher minting.
Part-1 Announced
Part-1, 3333 unique NFT's will be ready for mint. Part-2 and Part-3 will follow. Part-1 will begin with a 333 Giveaway. Public-sale date 22nd of May. FREE Mint period Ends on 15th of July
PART-2 will be announced right after FREE Period End on 15th July. Behold!

All dates and Announcement’s will be here and on Social Media


What is Pandilla?

Pandilla is an NFT Collection including 9999 unique, algorithmically generated Pandillan Criminal Clone’s, which supposed to be a clan as they are called, a.k.a. gang members. Episode I will be the Peculiar Clan

What is an NFT?

non-fungible token (NFT) is a unique and non-interchangeable unit of data stored on a digital ledger (blockchain). NFTs can be used to represent easily-reproducible items such as photos, videos, audio, and other types of digital files as unique items (analogous to a certificate of authenticity), and use blockchain technology to establish a verified and public proof of ownership. (wikipedia)

Who is Behind Pandilla?

How do I buy one?

New to NFTs? Short steps will be announced here!

Why Pandilla?

Pandilla is among hundreds of Projects ongoing in decentralized space. Pandilla team and “the standArt Labs” aims to build a collection not only unique but also creative and humane ( donating social organizations). Just follow “+he Standart labs” for future projects.

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